I Finally Caved…

I’m sure you’ve all heard about (or already own!) the Garnier 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On. This skincare-makeup hybrid product is rapidly acquiring somewhat of a cult following and somehow I had managed to resist the temptation to buy it… until I walked past Superdrug this weekend and saw that it was half price! It would be rude not to, surely?!

When I got this home and had a play I have to say I was impressed, and after three days use I’m definitely a convert. The metal rollerball is really cooling on your eyes and certainly feels like it’s doing its job.

The formula also contains caffeine which apparently helps to eliminate bags by reducing the amount of moisture in the skin cells under the eye and also works to eliminate dark circles by increasing blood flow through the capillaries under the skin, helping the tissue around the eye to repair itself faster. I’m not sure about how effective this is in reality, but the product as a whole definitely helps erase any puffiness around my eyes.

The concealer itself is also a great consistency, blending into the skin very easily. Although it does look a little messy when first applied (which is one of the reasons why I resisted buying it for such a long time) The formula is very light and moisturising, so what seems like quite a lot of product is actually just about right.

It comes in three shades (very fair, fair & medium-dark) which is better than a one-shade-fits-all approach, but still doesn’t quite cater for everyone. I chose the second lightest shade ‘fair’ and it’s perfect for brightening up my eyes. If you haven’t already tried this I’d definitely recommend doing so while it’s still half pricein Superdrug. for £5.10 you can’t go wrong! (and if you’re already addicted… now’s the perfect time to stock up!)