*Guest Blog* London Fashion Week: My Attempt to be Fashionable!

I was lucky enough (courtesy of Fleur) to have a very precious ticket to the Aminaka Wilmont show on the opening day of London Fashion Week, at the ever-so-beautiful and grand Somerset House. As a way to thank Fleur for the very kind gesture, I thought I’d write a little diary entry of my first ever LFW attendance to share the experience and bring you the inside info from the front row (well, not quite the front row but it wasn’t far off!)

After spending the evening prior my LFW “debut” and that very morning still pondering over what to wear… what does the average girl next door wear to one of British fashion’s most important events of the year?! I decided on an understated and subtly sophisticated look (or so I like to think for my attempt to be fashionable!)After a number of outfits had been tried, tested and thrown onto my bed with dissatisfaction, my final ensemble consisted of a camel Zara coat, sheer tan Mango shirt, black skinny jeans, Kurt Geiger desert boots and my trusty black Mulberry Mitzy Tote with my hair swept back into a low sleek ponytail with a wrapped section of hair around the band and natural make-up. Yes that would have to do… Now I’m no fashionista, but I do love all things fashion and despite not having the healthy bank balance to fund this love, I do try my best to keep up by utilizing the high streets best offerings as (hopefully) reflected by my chosen outfit for the event. But, once I neared Somerset House I started to get a few nervous butterflies, especially when every other girl that strutted past was dressed like she’d walked straight off a catwalk. Gulp. Never the less, despite feeling the most self conscious I’d ever felt before, I plucked up the courage to have a little stroll around Somerset House in an attempt to look like I belonged in the world of fashion media and to absorb the exciting atmosphere. Time soon past people watching, with many a girl being approached and photographed by fashion magazines and bloggers for their street style pages (including myself which I was both surprised and flattered by!) and I was very much looking forward to the showcase from Aminaka Wilmont as I headed in to take a seat. Although I wasn’t prime position on the front row, as I didn’t want to risk the mortifying experience of less important people (like myself) being asked to move to make room for the crème de la crème of the fashion world, I still had a great view of the runway and modestly seated myself a few rows back and got chatting to a lovely girl from the fashion team at Stylist magazine while waiting for the show to start. Striking models made an entrance one by one wearing black leather combined with purple tie-dye or subtle animal-like prints and leathers, teamed with an array of knitwear, ribbed socks, hand warmers and heavy black wedges. Many of the pieces incorporated soft details with asymmetric tailoring and striking leather jackets with rounded shoulders. The hair of the models was sleek and unfussy, slicked back with braiding to add texture and makeup was kept natural. If I were to make a high street comparison I would say All Saints comes closest and I wouldn’t be surprised if they used Aminaka Wilmont for inspiration. The collection oozed effortless cool and flowed beautifully – I could feel myself fixated on a couple of the Aminaka Wilmont pieces that I will unfortunately never have the pleasure of owning! My favourite pieces from the collection have to be the beautiful oversized drape front shearing jacket and the stunning printed jumpsuit both pictured above, what do you girls think? If you’d like to see the full collection then you can visit the Aminaka Wilmont London Fashion Week page here. Thanks so much again to Fleur for the opportunity to go and I hope you all enjoyed reading about my LFW experience… I already have my fingers crossed for a ticket next season! Love, Lauren x