Accessorize Bronze: Pretty, but not Perfect

If you watched my last haul video on YouTube, you may have seen my latest nail polish purchase. (On a side note, you’ll also know that I bought it in an attempt to match the colour of my new car, which it is absolutely nothing like so we won’t worry about that!)

This is my first purchase from Accessorize’s new line of cosmetics and I’m rather impressed! They have quite a large selection of nail polishes, including quite a few pretty duochrome shades, which aren’t too common on the high street at the moment.

This shade is an interesting combination of golden bronze and a pinky-plum colour. It applied smoothly, opaque in two coats and (helped along by Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry top coat) dried in next to no time.

Having said that, something about this colour leaves me wanting more. Don’t get me wrong, I like it… but I don’t love it. From the look of the bottle I thought it was going to be more pink, but in most lights it’s the bronze that shines through (which doesn’t show in the photos, typical!)

As the title suggests this polish is pretty, but not perfect. I’d love to try some more of the Accessorize line though, I was really impressed by the quality and packaging.

Would love to hear all your thoughts on the new line? Anything that’s caught your eye?

*update* I initially posted this polish as ‘Aztec’ but have since found out it is in fact ‘Bronze’ and my box was mis-labelled – sorry girls! x