Upcoming Treasures from OPI!

On Friday I got the chance to have a sneaky peek at two upcoming collections from OPI. The collection that took centre stage was without a doubt the Pirates of The Caribbean ‘On Stranger Tides’ collection, that is due to be released in May to coincide with the release of the new Disney film.

Overall I was quite surprised at how pale the collection is, I was expecting deep, dark shades but instead the collection consists of six soft pastel polishes along with the star of the show… the Silver Shatter Top Coat.

I have to say I much prefer this variant to the original Black Shatter top coat (from the Katy Perry collection). This is much more subtle and looks fabulous over all of the accompanying shades.

The only other offering that caught my eye was ‘Skull & Glossbones’, a very pale bone-grey shade that settles into an interesting middle ground between the nude nail trend and the muddy/grey nails that everyone loved last year.

(Left: 1 coat, Right: 2 Coats)

The second upcoming collection that OPI are set to release this April is ‘Femme De Cirque’ which at first glance looks like any other french manicure collection, until you take a closer look at ‘I Juggle… Men’.

The other polishes in the collection are indeed, pretty standard, but ‘I Juggle… Men’ is really quite a unique shade: a clear base with turqouise and violet shimmer, which makes the most beautiful top coat.

It’s the use of shimmer as opposed to glitter that makes this polish different, and sadly almost impossible to photograph! (Although I still tried!)

One coat over Beauty UK’s Lilac Girl

One thing I was not impressed to see was that OPI have put their prices up to £10.50 a polish. Sad times! The Femme De Cirque collection is due for release in April, Pirates of the Caribbean in May. Both will be available online from LenaWhite.co.uk

A Quick Summary of Both Collections:

Must Haves: Silver Shatter Top Coat, I Juggle…Men

Worth a Look: Skull & Glossbones, Mermaid’s Tears

Skippable: Everything Else!