Disco Balls of Fairy Dust!

While dusting my limbs with this sparkly fabulousness before heading out to a party this weekend, I reminded myself that I really should tell you about this little product!

Jelly Pong Pong are a make that I hadn’t caught wind of for a few years (since their quirky shop in Covent Garden closed about four years ago, to be precise) and was happy to find out they were still going strong and more than happy to try out some of their products.

My favourite of the collection has to be the ‘Crystallizer’ a shiny gunmetal ball filled with four different shades of magically sparkly, super fine powders!

They are all pretty colours individually and could be used on the eyes but personally, I don’t like pfaffing with that sort of thing and prefer using this as an ‘all over’ body dusting type product.

Messy finger-swatching!

They create a pretty lilac/pink colour when all mixed together and this colour dusted on the skin leaves a gorgeous iridescent pink sheen that is perfect for parties and reminds me of being ten again (but slightly more subtle this time!)

The packaging is fabulous too, and would make a gorgeous gift! They are £15 and available from JellyPongPong.com

Has anyone else tried Jelly Pong Pong products? Thoughts?!