Aveda Smooth Infusion Challenge: Update!

I thought I’d update you all on the my progress with the Aveda Smooth Infusion line. If you didn’t catch the last post, I was invited into the Aveda Institute for a treatment and blow dry using Aveda’s newest hair care line: Smooth Infusion, which promises to keep frizz at bay for up to twelve hours.

I was mightily impressed by the performance of the products in the salon, but I thought I’d update you on how they are performing in my less skilled-at-styling hands!

I have a slight natural wave to my hair and I tend to rough dry it, then straighten the front sections if need be. It tends to be frizzier at the front (most likely due to heat abuse!) and knots very easily in the lengths.

I was very impressed with the way this line left my hair feeling: soft and smooth, yet not weighed down like a lot of ‘anti-frizz’ products. I’d say (as an estimate!) that my hair was around 50% less frizzy than it was when using my normal shampoo & conditioner, so first impressions have been great! I’ve also been avoiding using any other product on my hair, including finishing products, to make sure that any results noted are down to the smooth infusion products alone.

I have only used the Glossing Straightener a few times (the most expensive product from the line). As I like my hair to have more of a natural finish rather than poker straight, it’s not really a product I would have picked out anyway, but I haven’t been overly taken with it when I did use it.

The Style-Prep Smoother has to be my favourite product from the line, it is a light gel consistency that makes styling unruly locks a much less stressful process!

The shampoo and conditioner are both highly concentrated formulations too, so although this line is rather pricey (£14.50-£18.50), the bottles will last a good amount of time.

So the products have really impressed me at home, the next test is to see if the line lives up to it’s 12 hour no-frizz promise… I’ll be putting it to the test on the tube and in the rain to let you all know if this line really does deliver.

Wish me luck!

*This post was sponsored by Aveda as part of a month long trial of the Smooth Infusion line*