Yankee Candles Taste Good Too!

I’m currently obsessed with Yankee candles (you may have noticed if you frequent my YouTube channel and blog!) It’s an obsession that is now verging on the ridiculous. Having discovered that Yankee Candle make lip balms last week, but that they apparently don’t sell them in the UK, I (of course!) made it my mission to get my hands on one (or many).

I ended up buying three from ebay (click here for the seller) and paying quite a premium… £15 for three I believe, but aren’t they just beautiful?!

The packaging is just like the little Yankee Candle jars! The scents are true to their candle counterparts, and my festive favourite is definitely Sparkling Cinnamon! The consistancy is quite oily (in a good way), very moisturising and has the bonus of SPF15.

Having dropped my preferred Yankee Candle online store YankeeDirect.com an email, I can confirm that they are going to be getting the full line in stock in the new year. Can’t wait to try them all!

Any other Yankee Candle obsessives who have tried these already?! Fx