My Teeth Whitening Mission!

I have always been interested in the idea of whitening my teeth, but have been put off by the sky high bills quoted for professional whitening, and if (like me!) you are based in the UK, you will no doubt be aware of the limited selection and effectiveness of whitening kits available on the high street.

While at a party last week, I bumped into a long lost friend who had newly dazzling white teeth and told me that it was all down to the fabled Crest White Strips. She’d managed to bag a box on eBay for around £30, but as a certain American (MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid) was winging her way to these shores only two days after, I sent her a last minute request for a packet or two.

And she delivered!

For those of you in the US and for some of you in the UK who may have tried these already, I’m sure this post may be a little dull as they are very commonly used over there, but for anyone and everyone who might be interested, I will be trying these out for the next two weeks in order to do a full review of the experience. Keep your eyes peeled! (But be warned… unflattering teeth close-ups may be on their way!)

For those who have already tried these, I’d love to hear about your experiences with them!