New Love for Harajuku: The ‘Wicked Styles’ Collection

It’s hard to miss the Harajuku Lovers collection in the shops. The cutesy doll bottles stand out from a mile off. Despite this eye catching packaging, I must admit as much as I’ve admired them in the past, I can honestly say I’ve never actually gone over to smell them all.

They have just brought out a new collection called ‘Wicked Styles’. The doll bottles have not only been given a new wardrobe and new flock-finished hairstyles, but the fragrances have also changed! I was sent ‘G’ (The headline doll, after Gwen Stefani I believe) and ‘Music’ to try. The other dolls are ‘Love’, ‘Lil Angel’ and ‘Baby’ (get it… like Gwen Stefani’s album?!)

I have to say when I smelt the fragrances I liked them both instantly. ‘G’ is a sweet fruity scent with apple, peach, pineapple, watermelon and raspberry (wow! a regular tropical fruit salad in there!)

When first sprayed it somehow smells like pear to me, even though that’s pretty much the only fruit not in it! But hey, I’m not a fragrance expert here, just giving you my lowly blogger opinion. Once it settles, it becomes a little more floral, and certainly less interesting. I like this scent but I don’t think I would rush out to buy it. It would certainly make a nice gift, since it is a pretty ‘safe’ choice. There’s not really much not to like.

As for ‘Music’, this scent really caught my attention. It’s not too young yet not really ‘mature’ so perfect if (like me) you like smelling like a sugary sweet fruit bowl, yet want to wear something a little bit more ‘grown up’.

It is described as a ‘woody floral’ scent which I wouldn’t normally go for. I think what draws me in is that it still has a hint of fruityness (juicy apple) at first spray, but settles into a warmer, more sensual fragrance with notes of jasmine, amber and cedarwood. This is definetly going to be my Autumn/Winter perfume this year. It’s just one of those scents you can’t stop going back to smell, and definitely one of the most intriguing fragrances in my collection. I love the pink hair too!

The fragrances only come in eau de toilette (10ml for £12.50 or 30ml for £20) but I was extremely surprised by their staying power (unlike Escada EDT’s which last for about 10 mins, these will linger for a good few hours!). They are also very reasonably priced, making them ideal for a little treat for yourself or a perfect present.

I was also sent a ‘blank doll’ to have a play with which I must admit was a lot of fun! Armed with only red and black permanent markers and a pencil, I was pretty happy with the finished result even though it is a little ‘goth’!

Not a massively creative outfit, but fun none the less! The blank dolls are (sadly) not for sale as yet, but the fragrances are available nation wide now!

Has anyone smelt the new collection of fragrances, anyone already in love with the regular collection?

Fleur x