DIY Laser Hair Removal?!

OK, So I know I’m not meant to be continuing my blog until my exams are over and done with, but it’s exactly 12 midnight and I feel like typing so I’m just gonna go for it – PLUS it’s the perfect time to update you on a product I’ve been road testing for nearly a month now.

So, the Boots ‘Smooth Skin’ system has indeed been doing the blogger-rounds, but none the less, when this rather hefty piece of kit arrived on my doorstep I have to say I was intrigued. (See my recent haul video for my very first impressions of this product.)The concept of a ‘DIY’ laser hair removal treatment does, for want of a better expression, seem a little ‘hair-raising’, but after a thorough online investigation unearthing nothing but a tonne of positive feedback, I decided to give it a go. So without boring you all to death with my waffling. This thing is actually working – SERIOUSLY I have bald patches in my pits! I have been following the treatment regime for four weeks now, and with only one treatment a week I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the results. I’m not singing it’s praises just yet though, but let’s just say there may be hope for all the hairy pits out there… :S The treatment takes between 6-12 weeks to be fully effective so don’t expect a full review until then but I have very high hopes for this little beauty! If you fancy trying this out, it is a pricey little monkey at £325, but the good news? It’s currently on offer with £50 off HERE. The system is pretty restrictive in terms of what skin tones and types can use it, so check HERE to see if your skin is compatible and for more information. If you have any technical questions you can also ask the lovely Skin Smooth ladies via their Facebook page. And if you’re wondering about the following images, my dog (Woof) was desperately trying to photo-bomb my impromptu Skin Smooth photo shoot this morning and I just had to put them in. She really does try to smile in photos…But I told her she could only be featured on the new blog if she pulled her less demonic photo-face, so she posed nicely for this one… hehe. I’ll keep you updated on the hair loss! Fleur Xx